How iSplit Got Created

How I Dreamed This Up

All things, especially those that have some creative element, have a beginning.  iSplit has its origins in a school of thought (Montessori) coupled with a practical need: to divide up some stuff.  A bit more of the story, if you’re interested (how silly of me; of course you’re intersted…why else would you be reading this?):

In 1993, my son was in a Montessori pre-school near the Fox River in Geneva, Illinois — a suburb of Chicago and a train stop on the commuter rail– that was suffering from a financial and leadership collapse.  (My son is now 23 years old; I was thirty nine at the time.)

Somehow, I got intimately involved, helped to turn around the operation and made it a stellar institution which, now,  emanates respect for all: children; teachers; parents; neighbors.  Until 1998, I remained involved with that school and, in the process, learned about Maria Montessori’s gift to humanity.  Among those gifts was the idea that humans need practical, concrete materials for learning.

I still reminisce on the chance to do something good there and apply some progressive and wacky business management principles.  It is another piece of evidence of how I’ve been lucky.

In 2010, faced with the practical realities of my second divorce, I took a page from my Montessori experience and developed some new tools for me and my ex-wife to divide up our assets.  (Yes, I feel privileged that we had some assets to divide up.)  Those “tools” — cards of differing sizes to represent the proportional value of assets — were the genesis of this Mobile Application.

It was clear to me that this one small piece of innovation might have some value to a group of users: people who were in turmoil and needed just a small bit of help through some organizing device.  And, that it might have some market value, too.  Sue me: I’m a capitalist.  A compassionate capitalist, though.

With the help of Marian Brostean in Timisoira, Romania, a talented software engineer, astute businessman and all-around good guy, the dream of a robust offering was realized.  Without Marian, his attention to detail, his persistence and integrity, my dream would never have been realized.  Kudos to Mr. Brostean.

Oh, getting the App going…it didn’t hurt that, after the financial meltdown that led to the Great Recession, I was, pretty much, out of work.




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